The easiest way to resolve disputes

Ajuve is the fast, simple and cost-effective way to resolve disputes online. Whatever the problem, from unpaid invoices, to supplier issues and contract disputes, our resolution flow will help you get settled.

Resolve your dispute now

File your dispute online

All you need to do is file a dispute online, fill in the relevant information and you will be given an upfront cost – it’s as simple as that.


Communicate securely with participants

Ajuve handles the whole process from start to finish in an easy and secure manner online.


Get it resolved, quickly

In the UK, it takes an average of 30 weeks to get a hearing in the small claims court. Ajuve reduces that wait to a matter of days.

Whenever and wherever suits you

Handle your dispute entirely online, so you can resolve it at your own leisure. No more travelling to court, booking time off work or missing other events, wherever you and the other party are in the world.

Enforceable in more than 150 countries

With Ajuve you get a fast, fair decision that’s legally enforceable in more than 150 countries around the world. So wherever in the world you may have a dispute, even if you and the other party are in different countries, it can be settled quickly and effectively.

The worldwide acceptance of online arbitration means that you can rely on Ajuve no matter where you, or the people you deal with, are
Our streamlined system means we can keep costs low for you

Free from spiralling legal fees

Simple, transparent pricing ensures no nasty surprises.
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Judged by an impartial expert

Your dispute will be resolved with a binding decision made by an impartial expert, with everything handled online to save you time, money and effort on potentially travelling to court cases.

Fast and pain-free

Legal disputes are an inevitable part of business and can easily cause huge amount of stress for those involved with costs and paperwork building up, along with the seemingly endless wait for a court date. Ajuve guarantees a smooth and quick process, beneficial to both the claimant and defendant, ensuring minimal stress and pain along the way.