What's it all about?

Ajuve is a fast, simple and cost-effective way to resolve disputes online, whether you’re an individual looking to settle a property dispute or a business wanting to reconcile with upset customers, Ajuve is the way to go.

In the UK, it takes an average of 30 weeks to get a hearing in the small claims court. Ajuve reduces that wait to a matter of days.

How it works

It’s simple, whenever you enter into a contract with someone else, just include the Ajuve Arbitration Clause. This will mean that, if the worst comes to the worst and you have a falling out with the other party, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to resolve it quickly and easily with Ajuve. Just sign up and follow the easy steps at http://ajuve.com/disputes/create

All within our streamlined system where you will be helped and supported along the way. Can’t afford to hire an expensive lawyer? No problem! Ajuve is designed to reduce the advantages afforded to those paying for legal representation.

Once you’ve uploaded your dispute, an Ajuve arbitrator - a highly vetted expert in the field of your dispute - will review the evidence and arguments put forward, to make a decision.


Even if you haven’t used the Ajuve arbitration clause beforehand, don't worry! You and the other party can both sign an online arbitration agreement.

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Backed by international law

The Ajuve process of online arbitration is backed by international law. Countries party to the New York Convention 1958 have agreed to uphold agreements made by the process of arbitration. More than 150 countries are part of this, so no matter where you or your customers are in the world, you can be sure that Ajuve will produce a reliable and legally enforceable outcome. Click here to check which countries have adopted the New York Convention


Everything is handled online - no need spend time and money travelling far away for a court hearing


Internationally binding in the 150+ countries who are part of the New York Convention 1958


Up to 5 times faster than small claims court

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Simple, fixed pricing

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Manage your dispute in your own time - everything is available for you to access whenever is convenient for you

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Decisions made by an impartial expert in your field

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